Sock Monkey History

Sock Monkeys – Classic American Folk Art

The iconic sock monkey made from red-heeled socks emerged in the early 1900’s in the United States. These old-fashioned, handcrafted sock monkeys made with Original Rockford Red Heel® socks from Fox River Mills have become a favorite piece of “Americana” over the years.

Mothers in the early 1900’s fashioned worn-out old Rockford socks into sock monkeys for there children.  Mothers and crafters have been lovingly making Sock Monkeys and other sock animals ever since.  The instructions for making these sock monkeys are still included in each package of authentic Rockford Red Heel socks.

The manner in which sock monkeys are made and the materials used in their creation remain largely unchanged from the initial toys, though a great variety exists. It is the creativity that each monkey represents that is part of what makes sock monkeys so appealing, every handmade sock monkey is unique, no two are made the same, with unique faces and body characteristics they are considered one-of-a-kind. However not all sock monkeys are created from red-heel socks. A new trend is growing to create sock monkeys from colourful striped, patterned or polka dot socks, even mismatched socks. Many modern sock monkeys aren’t even made from socks at all.

Sock Monkeys are a classic and traditional soft toy but also funky and retro. They can be very sentimental, with many adults still having their sock monkey from childhood. It’s a classic soft toy that sticks with you, a keepsake.

Sock monkeys are just as groovy and wonderful as they were 100 years ago. There is something to be said about a toy that was created over a century ago and still just as popular today.